Mustard and Cheese

Thoughts, deliberations and considerations on the subject of mustard and cheese:

why doesn’t mustard go with cheese
can someone tell me please
why mustard doesn’t go with cheese
it goes with ham and beef
can’t have those though
vegetarian see
and this is what brings to light
the matter of mustard’s failure
to party hearty with that known as
Cheddar (sometimes)
Edam (others)
Blue (rude!)
Red Leicester (simply the best)
Brie (i digress)
for sure i could succumb
to the vegan mind trick
of sticking V in front of everything
and nut or legume protein
wherever any meat
might once have been
so now there’s a bean
vam or veef
vuck in hoisin sauce
vicken chow mein
vabbit pie
vish eye stew
but none with a view to why
mustard doesn’t cut it
with the pasteurised
personally i see beyond
the lethargic some will say
deprived of basic vitamin
meatless in diet so meatless in body
and mind
the barbecued defence
of lard and marrow suckers
who couldn’t bear the framed
of non-animal eating
so deflect from the issue
as rain on a window
prevented from getting in
anything other than
glorious metaphor
pitter-patter pitter-patter
so the water goes
running down the view
away from the fact
that even vegan cheese
doesn’t go with mustard
and why not is what
I really want to know

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Header image courtesy Lindsay Moe

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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