Zen and the Art of Atheist Meat Eating

People love giving themselves labels like ‘nice‘, but rarely have the same enthusiasm for being bedfellows with the implications.

Atheists say there is no contradiction in being so and moral.

But do they really consider what it is to be moral without God as original ethical catalyst?

The true atheist
Does not eat
The true atheist
There is no right
Godly or otherwise
By which
To consume sentience
The true atheist
Is Zen Buddhist
Buddha was a man
Whereas Budha
Is Mercury
A figment deity
Of imagination

Buddha said his followers should not consume animal flesh.

His train of religious thought is not alone.

Both Sikhism and Hinduism prescribe to the idea meat should not be eaten. However, they also recognise insisting upon avoidance might be asking too much of one trying to stay alive.

Therefore, if it is, the meat has to be Jhatka – meaning the method used must kill the animal instantaneously, so causing it the least amount of suffering.

While still a religious instruction, it is at complete odds with what normally comes to mind when thinking of religious methods of ritual slaughter – the unnecessarily cruel ‘slow bleed‘.

Thanks for reading,

N. P. Ryan.


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