The Medusa Protocol Books I & II are currently available from Amazon and can be purchased here.

It will become available on other platforms sometime between now and mid January 2018 (watch this space!!!). This will coincide with the release of Book III, The Bath Party.

In the meantime, both (meaning all three books) can be purchased direct from the author, so long as payment can be made with PayPal. For more details please use the contact from below, stating in the comment section whether you wish to purchase I/II or III or both and the format you would like to receive them in.

If paying in Canadian dollars, the price is $2.99 each or $5 for both. If wanting to pay in another currency, please include this information in the initial contact so the price may be calculated for the reply. In all instances, please do not attempt to make payment until receiving a direct reply containing confirmation details.

Much thanks and love x


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