I Love the Taste of Tap Water in the Morning

There must be a reason for the phenomenon mused in verse below. If anyone can tell, I’d be most grateful.

why does the water
from the bathroom tap
taste different
to that flowing
in the kitchen
i wouldn’t want
to boil my potatoes
in aqua from the tub

i thought once
just maybe
it was due to one tap’s
higher up-ness
giving it a certain
stale taste lacking fresh
thanks to all that extra
vertical piping

but some bloke down the pub
told me
the water tank’s in the loft, see
meaning it was in the pipes
for longer getting to the
if anything any taint
maybe then the further
journey downhill
gives it that certain
je ne sais quoi
the mountain springs in
France are famed for

no other way but
put the theory
to the test
find a flat
or as they say
a pond away
an apartment
everything on one level
with water running
the same distance too
from source to faucet
regardless of
évier de cuisine
or the loo

not the easiest place to find
leaves agents and potential landlords
of a mind
to say no you have to go
please stop with measuring
all the the plumbing now
most people want to know
about parking
are shops local

in the end
quite round U bend
i settled on a solution
swap them
a sink for a sink
bath tub for dishwasher
toilet for a combi tumble dryer
no longer the same space to chop
veg and prepare food to be fair
plus neighbours far from
over the moon or anything
like best pleased
with the free view of me
singing in the rain
also know as the shower

still . . .
at least i now know
that as matter of fact
the water tastes better
where it always used to

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Header image courtesy Kaboompics

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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