Did Jesus Christ Visit Weston-super-Mare?

After posting about the curse on Weston-super-Mare, I’ve received many an interesting email. One, from Vivian Gallaher, caught the eye as it listed a number of other legends involving Weston, some previously heard of, while others not.

Using current circumstances, I took the opportunity to investigate them further, asking locals their knowledge of and take on, to again piece together an overview of each, before looking to see what evidence for or against can be found.

First up: did Jesus Christ visit Weston-super-Mare?

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Welcome to Weston: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Quicksand and Curses

Weston-super-Mare is located on the South West coast of England, twenty-two miles from Bristol. Once a glorious Victorian seaside resort, more recently host to Banksy’s Dismaland, it has unique ways and customs found nowhere else in the West Country region, regardless of how dark and deep into it one is willing to go. (Weston—as it is more commonly abbreviated to—indicated by the red marker below)

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