Planet Caramel

Some thoughts on that lovely stuff known as caramel:

The world must be Hell
If you don’t like caramel
It’s in bars of chocolate
Cans of cola too
Even many beers
Can be found tasting
Of the sticky goo

They used to mine it on the moon
But had to move to Mars
When demand went so far
That factories everywhere used it
For the upholstery of cars

It’s soft, see
Not all nougaty
Like they used to be
In the nineteen-seventies

No good for pillows though
Which while must squash
Also need to be feathery
For these
Best stick to the heather
Found in abundance
On Saturn and Mercury

I went to a bun dance once
Not a hillbilly in sight
Or a single bit of dough
Willing to do-si-do with me
So I stood outside alone
And boogied by myself
While looking starry-eyed
At the lofty sky
Where I saw the sweetest tooth
Swinging quite aloof
Reciting merrily

Toffee or not toffee
That is the question
Tis really all a matter
Of water being removed
From the situation
But don’t eat too much
Or like the do-do did
You’ll wind up
Heading to extinction


Header image courtesy of Pixabay

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Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan.


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