My Emoji: Thoughts on the Minimal Interaction of 2020 as the Year Does One

Since March I have socialised with four people; and one of those for only three hours (no doubt there are many who’ve had less than me). Interaction over the internet has become more prevalent in all aspects of life. In some respects this makes it easier; no one has to move off their butt to hang out. But lack of real contact and even seeing a face or thinking about what to wear out leaves gaping holes in a complete socialising package.

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From Beale Street to Timbuktu

Timbuktu: located at the edge of the Sahara Desert nine miles north of the Niger River in the country Mali; though only so since incorporated into what France considered its colony of Mali in the 1890s.

Map by Joe LeMonnier.

Starting as a seasonal city it became permanent in the 12th century; from there soon a major—and so extremely rich—trade hub dealing in slaves, salt and gold in particular.

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