All About Medusa


A series of posts about the four books forming The Medusa ProtocolFeaturing influences to why certain locations were chosen.

N. P. Ryan vs. Poetry


On various subjects; sometimes self-reflecting, frequently sarcastic and occasionally heartfelt, starting with: N. P. Ryan vs. Youth.

The three most recent verses to find their way into my head only to then escape again:

They are listed in full starting with most recent here.

Odds & Sods


category about the weird or wacky and things that just don’t fit anywhere else:

Featuring posts such as:

Diary of a Mad Pest Controller


When living in the great metropolis that’s London, I worked in pest control; a job that really opened my eyes to so many aspects of humanity.

The latest post in the category is: Killing Joke & How I Might’ve Almost Ended-up Being a Porn Star.

The category is listed in order of most recent here.



A ‘Beginner’s Guide/How To’ series about understanding the services and products offered self-publishing authors; starting with The Great Formatting Swindle.

N. P. Ryan vs. Social Media


A sequence of posts inspired by using social media for self-promotion. Unless an already known celebrity, the only evident way of getting attention is to behave negatively.

Even institutions such as the BBC are found making underhanded posts.

But don’t take my word for it: judge from the evidence in the series starting with N. P. Ryan vs. Social Media.

(There’s also a few subject-related stand alone posts too.)

A Life of Crime vs. The Free Market


A series about when I worked markets in Londoninspired when creating a book giveaway and remembering how badly things had gone last time I tried to give something away for free.

Images are excerpts from: