The Gome


Some thoughts on the art of self-aggrandising today found abundantly even in our own homes thanks to social-media platforms that likewise act as though they should be given medals for providing a mute/hide/block option, oblivious to the fact the problem is the plethora with which it happens at all; that their presence in the first place is all the encouragement it needs and more.

Or maybe it’s just about failure:

One has never challenged the self
Until one has utterly failed
To complete one’s own
Despite the
Best effort made
For only then does one realise
The truth of their
Regardless of how
Important to others
One might
Perceive themselves
Or indeed
Genuinely be
For being relied upon
Is responsibility
Not grandiose
As Everest’s summit
Climbed by hundreds before
But when getting there
Still feels like
Owning the world
Without failing at the
Challenge of the self
One has never desired
To really set the bar
But instead always
Left it at a level
Just low enough
For one to end
In self applauding

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Header image courtesy Sarbajit Sen

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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