Zen and the Art of Holding Beer Properly

Not being able to hold one’s beer can be disastrous.

It can have a negative impact on social standing and reputation, even make a laughing stock of to whatever gender one likes to stick things in or have things stuck in by; maybe it’s a two-way street of insertions – it’s not for me to make judgements, cast any assertions.

A little pinkie poking like a childish tongue from a pint-clutching hand is often seen as quite the pub etiquette faux pas (unless the holder’s a regular dart thrower).

But this isn’t the poem, that’s below; though for the record I tuck mine under – a handy little trick for keeping it out of sight and the beer from falling asunder.

If drinking beer
From the can
Never, ever
Hold it tightly
Round the top
Unless you want
To look
Like a big baby
With a great big
Baby sippy cup

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan.


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Or if all that isn’t enough beer for you—how can there ever be too much beer?—maybe check out the Top 50 Beers 2018 article I got the header image from; it makes for seriously thirsty reading!

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