Love Plus One

For my first poetic verse of the year, a dabble in the traditional; love:

One plus one is two

She sang

I can’t wait to get bigger
To fall in love
Make two become one
Everything in the world
Happy ever after
I replied
Well, interrupted

She was eight
I was much older

You don’t get to choose
Who’s fallen in love with
It’s random
From out of nowhere
Who knows who you’ll get
Cupid caught up in
All kinds of wrong
From just plain dumb
To crime mastermind
Intense manipulator
Or absent neglector
Never taking a shower
Versus neurotic cleaner
Won’t get off the settee
Always wants to be fitter
Compulsive gambler
Stingy old miser
And you
Without any say
In the sorry sad matter
True love
Isn’t a glove
Fitted to flatter
Forget all those knights
In bright shiny armour
More like a hat
Shat in for banter

She cried

Like kids do


Called me
Mean wrecker of dreams!
Tueur d’imagination!
Yelling like some
Manic street preacher
Then worst of the lot
A lousy maths teacher!


Header image courtesy Kaboompics

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Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan.


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