Strangers in the Afternoon

croppexels-vlad-bagacian-1634838Inspired by bumping into an old friend, the below could be considered a sequel to Two Gods. With thanks to Vlad Bagacian for the use of the image, an excerpt of a larger photograph that can be seen fully in the link.

I remember the first time
We crossed paths
Eyes meeting
As we passed
I smiled, you blinked widely
Caught my interest
To put it mildly
A habit made from that point on
Not that I
Wanted to make you a nun
But instead be there daily
With a hope
To see you maybe
Always wondering
Once you’d run
Where on Earth you had gone
Our meetings just coincidence
I but a mere convenience
Encountered on the way
Oh, bittersweet insecurity
Trying to defeat me
While you became
Ever more willing to stay
It not long before
I had you on your back
Beans above a purring puddle
A full to the brim jelly fur sack

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N. P. Ryan

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