Cleopatra Down the High Street

osama-elsayed-vqRMXgVtGXM-unsplashPoetry without comment beyond thanks to Osama Elsayed for the use of the image x

I saw Cleopatra today
The one descended of
Alexander the Great’s
General Ptolemy
She who got in on with Marcus Antonius
But only after Julius Caesar

She was carrying
A giant urn/vase
Like thing
No surprise
It was Egyptian in design

Though Cleo wasn’t walking like one
More with size and shape than weight
As she made her way
Along Worle High Street

A long way to have come
To flee an Empire’s fall
And a long time taken too
A mere mortal would’ve died
Somewhere around Barcelona

But an in the flesh goddess
Well they just go on and on
Like there’s magic batteries
Up their bum
Or something

Now I know what
You might say
Don’t be so ridiculous
How could it possibly be?

But there isn’t a place
Along the whole stretch selling anyth– . . .
Oh wait
There’s that little furniture shop
Tucked just out of the way

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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