Fruits of the Loon: Lime

A four part series on the joys and disappointments of fruit. Number Two: Lime

lime ain’t no lemon
but is green
with envy
like grass on
the other side
of a fence
or room
just out of reach
perhaps a cat
could be trained
to fetch it
dogs would be
too slobbery

cos they wanted to
tail in air
horses for courses
no one forces cats
round here
or horses either

fine! fine!
I’ll . . .
get up and
get it myself
before any of this
gets any worse
becomes some kinda
a poetry hearse
buried to never verse
amen, amen

(cover me in dirt
or light up the pyre
whatever’s the shier
where money’s squire
just so long as everyone’s
beside grave or fire
weepy and weepier
while saying through
great blubbing sobs
and so on)

or maybe a
mini drone
with an equally small
way of collecting
like a hook on the end
of a wire
so I could fly
high like a lime
out of its tree
to bring it on home
to me
watch out, watch out

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N. P. Ryan

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