Mr. Follow Follow

More dark lore from the insidious side of Social Media:

There’s a guy on twitter lots of peeps I follow, follow
So his tweets get RTed into my feed every now
And then
I gave him a follow myself
Only for him to become
The representation of a bombastic everyone
Snarky in places but full of it always
Alone summing up that thing
Certain types of people like to do
To feel better
When an opinion goes against theirs
Declaring they can’t believe
Someone else could think it
So I say that other popular
Trendy thing of the moment
Wait a minute and let it sink in!
Not being able to believe someone else
Can have a different opinion
About something, a certain point
In a topic, perhaps
That, that, Mr Follow Follow
Is as far as your imagination
And ability to consider goes
Happy to admit it too
For this declaration of disbelief
Is intended to discredit the opposition
Not expose personal limitation
Worst of all, for the most part
It will do the trick
People following for just the same view
All too eager to agree those they likewise
Don’t see eye-to-eye with
Are well beyond basic believable rational thought
Like some bunch of horribly backward cults
Maybe Mr Follow Follow
And those who follow too
Should take a look
In the mirror mirror on the wall

Below: Fela Kuti’s ‘Mister Follow Follow’ cut from its original length of 12:56 to 3:41 and set to footage of Fela and entourage.

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Header image courtesy Jehyun Sung

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan.


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