What a Waste

I used to scroll past half-decent posts without so much as a meh. Now it’s me doing the posting, I want the world to care.

To think
Of all the money
On useless
Bits of this and that
Shit and tat
With no purpose
When it comes to handing
Out likes
On social media
For free
To suddenly become
All miserly
A real life
Silas Stingy
Despite the immense
Joy and happiness
A simple click
Can bring


Smoking cigarettes has to be the most wasteful thing to do ever: it’s bad for health; costs a small large fortune; has to be done in exclusionary spaces; makes the smoker and everything they own stink in ways completely unimaginable to a nose-blind smoker; and if all that isn’t enough, it hardly has any impact beyond being highly addictive. (Header image courtesy of Mikail Duran)

Silas Stingy‘ is a song about a miser from The Who’s The Who Sells Out: a concept album with anything but waste as its purpose, it maximises potential income every way possible by using multiple writers and including jingles inbetween songs.

There’s no groovy video for the song, just the side of the album cover featuring Pete Townshend with a giant stick of ‘Odorono’ (a song about failing a job interview due to not using that particular deodorant) and Roger Daltrey sat in a bath of Heinz Baked Beans – one of the featured jingles.

Part II What a Waste (Tickets, Please) is a short story about the ‘ticket man’ at Fulham Broadway Station.

Next in vs. Poetry: London: a Tardis in Reverse
Last in vs. Poetry: Catastrophe (a tale of no inspiration inspired by cats)

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan.


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