Buck Rogers and the Invasion of the Twitter Bots

Inspired by a Twitter thread where someone said that an account open for eighteen months with only a handful of followers is a clear sign of a bot; for someone to reply that wasn’t true as it described them; only for the someone to come back and say that fact alone made them the least qualified to make the claim.

I don’t recall where such a fine example of ‘Twitter Logic’ was found. Too aghast to stop for mementos and screenshots, compelled to poetry instead!

They say too few followers
Equals just a bot

Not genuine, real
A conscientious objector
To the never ending war
Of like for like
Follow for follow

The promise to
If you do me
Eyelids fluttering

For such crimes of integrity
Accusations shall follow
Fake, false, human impostor!

Jump on the bandwagon, me?
Would rather be run over by it!
Flat and left for dead
Much like
My online presence

Don’t even have a mobile
Or cell

Keepin’ it real
Leads to insinuations
Of mechanical workings
Insults about
Under rock living

What’s up, Buck$?

Thanks for reading.

N. P. Ryan.


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