Hello. Some recent thoughts: at first jotted down; then jostled into some semblance of cohesion called poetry.

of all the things
taught thought
what of them
true to
sure as could be

only for rugs pulled

how to see through
certainty evades
sand slipping between fingers
so water and grow
if only to know
how to understand
why time took
my hand


assuredly steady
future bright and beckoning
no hint of blight or reckoning
then to run
dragging along
without care
except for the fare
charge for damage done
while it skipped on
leaving behind

small shiny eyes

bags full of demise
hollow assurances
it will be alright
everything just fine
broken before it began
pulled through bushes
of thorny promises
never mind never mind

never mind

not long now
see that mist
heavy on breath
that’s me


to that mad heat
rising from the street
meat upon meat
never complete
only ever compete
the race never won
everyone wrong
doesn’t default to

making me right

and so this sight
what it stands for
lays me low

More vs. Poetry:

Header image courtesy Leo Cardelli

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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