Patience & the Coffee Maker

There is a coffee maker
Just along the way
Simple and rustic
Open each and every day
Aroma heavy
A dark rich roast
Mixed with a whiff
Of fresh tobacco smoke
Old fashioned some might say
Furniture a tapestry
Never matching tables
Deep and comfy chairs
A love for slowly grinding
The joy of percolating
Little silver pots
So due care may be given
Every single pour
Tended like an orchid
Without concern
For sands of ebbing time
Except to know
Much must be dispelled
For an end
Worthy of a wait
No two cups or mugs alike
Yet always perfect just the same
Maybe conversation
Has it brewed a little more
Perhaps a smidgen less
Nothing made to order
Only by request
I wait watching
Could never act
So calm
Focused yet free
Over and over
Just for a cup of joe
But, oh – is it worth it!
And so
Am rightly made to feel
Without patience
In need of others’ fortitude
To make any of my own
Importance worthwhile
Brought down to Earth
With a place putting bump
No need to ask for cake
The free humble pie
Packs plenty enough punch


Header image courtesy of Karl Fredrickson

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Thanks for reading. 🙂

N. P. Ryan.


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