My Emoji: Thoughts on the Minimal Interaction of 2020 as the Year Does One

Since March I have socialised with four people; and one of those for only three hours (no doubt there are many who’ve had less than me). Interaction over the internet has become more prevalent in all aspects of life. In some respects this makes it easier; no one has to move off their butt to hang out. But lack of real contact and even seeing a face or thinking about what to wear out leaves gaping holes in a complete socialising package.

Many have web cams; but it isn’t just one-to-one where faces are missed: there are those around us at sports events equally on the same emotional ride whether up or down; likewise the looks on strangers’ faces when leaving a gig or cinema; simply a night in a bar where a couple of people started singing in a corner, before the whole place joins in, creating an atmosphere remembered forever by all despite all the booze.

These experiences are enhanced by the presence of strangers even if they can be a right royal pain in the arse when it comes to getting out of the parking lot once the film is over.

Strangers can be so irritating: taking up space on the road/line-up/park bench in front of us. They are, after all, the people who hold up cell phones at the gigs mentioned above to momentarily obscure what was a good view. Or worse, obscure said view by being tall and suddenly coming along to stand bang smack in front.

Despite their frailties, there is much about the presence of strangers that can be warm. Some thoughts on the last year in the form of verse below; though, of course: Covid has no sense of time or agenda in relation to it; if acts aren’t got together, 2021 could be considerably worse.

It’s 2020
And all I want
Is my emoji
To speak just right
For me
All the technology
Promised when a kid
Flying cars
Houses on the moon
Robots would do it all
People living to the full
No one left behind
A socialist Marine corps
But whether my emoji
Is too over eager
Or either under easy
And how it might
Possibly misrepresent
The sentiment intended to convey
Concern a person on the
Other end of the net
Never met in real life
Even though www isn’t pretend
Might look and instead of lol go
Oh, I say!
Is the reality
Of a modern day

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Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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Header image courtesy Pixabay. Other emoji images in order of appearance: Andre Hunter; @marjanblan; Orkun Azap; James Lee.

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