Further Examination of the Anti-Art Writer’s Block

It’s such a cliché to ask a writer if they get and what they do about Writer’s Block. However, if you do have any good remedies, would love to know; have had it twenty years now, as the following ‘poetry’ goes to show.

With thanks to Min An for use of the header image.

Writer’s block
Is like a sock
Sewn up at
Both ends

A hole in the toe
Isn’t the best
But is better
Than no way whatsoever

Ideas need coaxing
Eased forth
With metaphoric
Knobs of butter

Each to the their own
Like a dog with a bone
Nattering on the phone
Or introverted alone

Take Normal Mailer
Snorted coke
Smoked Mary J
Thought it okay

Or like Rowling
Go to a café
And sit in a

Don’t ask me
Though people do
Then baulk
At talk of murder

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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