Summer Lovin’ (call me a cab)

A short story about the memories a beautiful summer can bring.

Of wooden picnic benches
In pub gardens
Air Buzzing with insects full
And a mutual love of boozing

Getting drunker
On your laughter
Smooth as honey mead
Than the fizzy lager

Hair long slightly caught
By light wind warm
Eyes promise, lips tease
Brimming chest heaves

With treasured clichés
Framed mostly grass green, specs of blooming flora
Blurred slide, set of swings, hedge
In a far back corner

The perfect picture, if only
We’d made it past the puddles of winter
It would’ve been good, could’ve been best
But for bad weather demanding taxis

Drunk, of that I’m sure
To do the things the driver said I did
In the back of that very same cab
Just the night before


Header image courtesy of Skitterphoto

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Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan.


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