Old Hat

I did something the other night not done in an age; socialised with friends. Then I did something never done before ever: forgot my hat. Once, I didn’t even like hats; though that’s another story, for that it was a hat is neither here nor there; the point being, I’d hitherto never lost or mislaid an item of personal attire. Some thoughts on the grim calamity:

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Banned from the Pubs

In the early 90s I worked London’s markets; the following is an account of true events (continued from: Geezers and Goldfish Bowls):

Gotta wonder what kinda image ‘workingmen’s club’ conjures for anyone without a clue.

Almost unique to the U.K. (apart from a couple in Australia and Ireland; at least according to Wikipedia [though citation needed apparently]) they’re private clubs with committees, rules and membership.

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