Handsome Devil

handdevA.k.a. the vain atheist’s prayer.

With thanks to Максим Власенко for use of the header image (alt text; a man visible from the waist up, naked, painted red and wearing horns, he looks to the camera unamused).

Thank You, Lord
For giving me
All the good looks
Thou art in Heaven
Could afford
Though if I may
A confession make
I think the Almighty
Made a mistake
By including
A sell by date
The growing circle
On my head
Where the hair
Is now dead
No longer shaved and
In the bin
Which I really think
Is a sin
So, Dear Lord
Heavenly Father but terrible barber
If You have Celestial Grace
Enough to save my lovely face
By rescinding this Holy
Ahem . . . error
And let me live
Beautiful forever
I’ll buy You a pint
When up in Heaven

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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