Hey, Teacher!

pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3771074Contemplating the origin of teaching in abstract poetic form.

With thanks to  Andrea Piacquadio for use of the header image (alt text; a teacher with an open book, looks to the class while pointing at a chalk board). 

I needed to digest
What the teacher said
Grabbed biscuits digestive
Opened up the chest of tea
Made a mug
Two three four
Flop fall plop
Should’ve stopped at three
Biscuit sludge bottom of cup
My destiny
The tea chest source of it all
The teacher having said
Telling others of tea chests
And the benefits within
Was the humble begin
Of the now
Wide ranging profession
Hence the title teacher
Being so similar
A ‘Cher’ in origin
Someone who sings
The praises of all things
Chai related
It blew my mind
River deep, mountain high
Even though that
Was Tina Turner
Who Cher did that song about
‘If I could Tina Turner time’
A lovely tune
About being as happy
As Tina always looks
Often insanely ecstatic in fact
Like when the Acid Queen
In The WHO film Tommy
Which was not
The medical drama expected
And so is a confusing name
That I’m sure the band had first
Thus HOE
(Health Organisation of Earth)
Would be much better
As example
The HOE say
Get jabbed, yo
Would go down well with
Young vaccination sceptics
Which prompted me to apply
More conspiracy
To the tea related quandary
For, remember-remember
Never trust a teacher with car keys
Or for that matter anything
Like a book that one might want to be reading
Or the tools for a garden in need of weeding
Or a big fat J with lots of lovely weed in
Anything one might soon need returning
Without the ringing of a bell
And worse still
What if there’s no bell to be rung
Like at the weekend
Or anything to set fire to
So the fire brigade come
Tricking teacher into thinking
It’s time to give back
That stuff of yours they have
Through every fault of your own
What you gonna do
About it then
But sit back
Open up the tea chest
And contemplate an answer
Especially when
There’s every chance
Started with the art
Of imparting the skills of
And more likely if you ask me
(not that anyone did)
Tea and chess was their thing
Sitting round bone idle
Like the staff room at lunch time
Is some sort of homage to
Until someone came along
Said, Oi!
Starting poking at them
With a big stick
Demanding these tea chessters
Got off their butts
Did something relatively useful

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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