pexels-pixabay-266755I wrote this while celebrating 420 Day; maybe I should’ve left it there?

The gross things
I once did
Disgust me most
In others
Drinking coffee
When I see people
In the dark sauce
Talking ‘bout
How they can’t
Start the day
Without a hit
Of Satan’s seed
Like back alley
Whoring for crack
Golden showers for meth
All sorts with the a-hole
For amphetamine
And I think
Don’t you know
What that shit does
To you
How it fucks up everything
Sleepless nights
An upset tummy
Those golden showers
More a dull brown
Texture like rust
Why so demeaning
Of the self?
Be civilised
Drink tea, ffs!

With thanks to Pixa Bay for use of the header image. To read my thoughts on coffee from back when I used to drink it, check out Patience and the Coffee Maker.

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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