pexels-amine-mayoufi-3069334An absurdity of words.

With thanks to Amine Mayoufi for use of the header image. 

Sometimes I fall into
Gobbledegook language
And a likewise world
Let me explain
Being a prime example
Of the obvious
And frankly absurd
Gobbledegook way
That place on the map
Next to
Nonsense avenue and
Clarity cul-de-sac
A place that can’t remember
The number where it lives
Apartment 2b or not 2b
(always use a small B or
the postie won’t ring twice
but instead think
it’s number twenty-eight)
Just like Hamlet
Smaller than a village
But still very much
As the city
If it doesn’t make sense
It might not ever
For it isn’t even
A question or answer
Of being too clever

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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