The Price of Stamps

resizeVery honoured to announce Royal Mail issuing a stamp to commemorate The Bath Party; it, quite appropriately, showing the image on the book’s cover.

That’s how I like to see it; Royal Mail on the other and claims it part of a series of stamps issued 2020 in recognition of the Roman legacy still found in Britain.

However, Royal Mail does concede using it for the same reasons as I: from the temple pediment at the Bath Spa, it is the only known depiction of a male gorgon in the world.

I should’ve maybe posted about it back then, but wanted instead to keep it for a special occasion such as this; not only my 200th post, but also one containing a poem about stamps after my somewhat unpleasant experience of buying a regular old common first class one just the other day; it can be found after the image below showing the complete Roman legacy stamp issue.



I’ve never judged
the price of stamps
comparatively before
neither do I
use them often
as discovered today
that’s 4/5 stamps
to a pint
I have no idea
if this is outrageous
or about what
it’s always been
(have vague recollection
of pints being circa £2
when stamps 40p)

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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