Light of the Moon

griffin-wooldridge-aFMsnhkZoJg-unsplashPoetry based on true events.

With thanks to Griffin Wooldridge for the use of the header image.

It was only late afternoon
I was in the kitchen
Looking out the window
Not exactly dark
But pensive and moody nonetheless
I jest, not me, but the sky
Still a good amount of light
But there was the moon
Full and huge and bright
Big enough it could’ve been
A pie someone had thrown
That’d stuck to the glass
Though under baked big time
If it was
Judging by the colour of the crust
So far more likely a meringue
Stickier too
And I still had washing on the line
After all
It was only late afternoon
But there it was trying to dry
By the light of the flipping moon
It came in colder and wetter
Than when it went out there!

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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