stefano-zocca-LPUgZQLF7W4-unsplashPoetry without comment beyond thanks to Stefano Zocca for use of the header image.

I’m not wasting my breath
On people who talk
But aren’t true when they do
On people who have every interaction
As a competition
A battle to be won
A point to be made
A façade to be worn
A need for nothing beyond
A leaving of the right impression
A person who despite the waterfall
Is shallow as a puddle
Eager to appear deep and substantial
Calm and collected
Organised and ordered
Like it’s obtainable
It doesn’t matter what they think
I need or want to hear
If they have to wear
A mask to tell me
It’s only due to being
So self absorbed
They never took the time
To look behind mine

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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