The River Runs Deep

barna-kovacs-sAjOjYGt17E-unsplashSometimes to help focus on a chapter I write poetry about it to set the mindset; something to read and get into the swing of things. The following relates to a book currently in the stages of final edit and formatting.

With much thanks to Barna Kovács for the image x



I need to paint
The picture in my head
Breathe it in
Go there
Hot-hot summer
Omnipresent summer
Summer where the air presses
Almost suffocates
A long day in the sun
Feeling flushed for it
But a relaxing one
Deeply relaxing
After everything
That’s been going on
A sudden stopping in heat
After all the frantic stress
It oozing out
Almost forgotten in a look
And a sigh
Now it’s night
Sat around a fire
As the river runs by
Hardly moving
But there
A nice dinner
Couple of glasses of red
While looking at the flames
Cracking as it burns
Bad times away
Seems another world now
A woken from nightmare
A great unburdening
Elevating beyond intoxication
From the trod grapes and a
Bit too much sun
Becomes . . . belligerent
Not quite . . . but
Certainly not the usual
Imposed restraints
A chance to look at her daughter
A moment caught in the flames
A message lifted
And heard as run

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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