Now is Not the Time (for Complacency)

Hello, hello.

With the current message from the powers that be so frequently being now is not the time for complacency, I can’t help but find myself harking back to the good old days when lack of care was king, dreaming of the glorious time it will be back again.

now is not the time for complacency
a simple fact plain to see
but how i yearn
for a return
to dismal health and safety
that everyday couldn’t give one
we all cherish and adore
regardless of rich
or destitute and poor
days of carefree spilling petrol
when filling up the tank
or while the bath’s running
grabbing a quick nap
leaving the hobs and oven on
as it really won’t be long
before there’s more
cooking to be done
planes taking off while shoving
it to pre-flight checks
who wants to be stuck on a runaway
when sun, sand and being balls deep
beckon us instead
oh dear complacency
i never realised how much you meant
until that stupid virus went
and took sweet reckless away from me
and you too
what will we do
when not caring all that much
is back
always being late
regardless of work or mate
lazily turning left and right
indicators just for the lame
fly-tipping anything unwanted
in some random bush
or down an empty lane
meh who cares
if big business fouls
up seas and rivers
with toxic whatevers
let the kids
stick forks in
plug sockets for fun
don’t panic or worry
they’ll really have
to go some
for a big KA-BOOM
and from here
where should this poem go
a place it doesn’t rhyme perhaps
to show the sorely missed
indifference in full swing


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Header image courtesy Casey Horner

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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