Snowflake’s Delight

It’s Christmas. TV and media are shoving images of lovely things to eat in our faces hand over fist.

As a vegetarian, all this revelling over dead carcasses doesn’t make for fun viewing 😦

Before becoming one, there was a time I didn’t get it for a second; even being known to scoff at, instead of consider the view.

These days I frequently see/hear ‘snowflake‘  used in relation to fellow flesh-dodgers.

As a mere vegetarian I still have a long way to go on the ethical front.

Some of my vegan friends make social media posts criticising vegetarians. They’ve got a whole flipping world of meat-munchers to pick on, but no – instead they highlight my hypocrisy . . .

I’m grateful


Those reminders are my best chance at finding the strength to take the next ethical step.

Yes, strength.

There’s nothing strong about saying yes to nicely cooked steak (appropriately though, as an anagram, there is ‘takes’).

Try it and see

See how you get on—how the old will-power holds out—being tanked-up and having to ignore twenty kebab shops as none do falafel, only to then have to make your own sandwich (es) when getting home.

The following is about how being vegetarian feels; in that respect, it’s accurate and true.

But if there’s to be any accolades, they belong to vegans. So I dedicate it to them and all the suffering stopped and lives saved for no other reason that how they determine to conduct theirs.

It’s nice
Warm to know
That nothing eaten
Nor the day before
Wallowed in mud
Before running with blood
Squealing screaming
Being plucked clean
Pulled gasping
From the sea

Almost karma-tose
Is how the feeling goes

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan.


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Header image: Local park during snowstorm, N. P. Ryan, circa 2017/18

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