Karma Suit Ya

Fuck it. I’ve started digging at people now, so might as well carry on. Besides, it would hardly be fair to pick on just one section of society when they feel lonely and isolated enough as is (Roasted Lone Wolf).

This particular swipe is at those who think Zen is a nice haircut or pair of shoes, expensive car or monster TV; they who claim understanding of science and Evolution, but then invoke karma all over social media when feeling wronged – who do they think’s pulling the cogs of universal fairness then:

Brian Cox and David Attenborough?


A Tibetan four-armed depiction of Avalokiteśvara (Padmapani)


But who can blame them given the way the current Dalai Lama carries on?

An alleged incarnation of a great Bodhisattva, he is on record saying there may not be a need for his very role.

I realise contemplation shouldn’t be rushed, but really think Padmapani is pushing it by needing so many reincarnations only to come to that conclusion (the current is fourteenth).

Worse, it was more a halfhearted suggestion, and it’s not like you can say, for God’s sake make your mind up, to someone like that.

It’s entirely unfair on all previous incarnations; they might have had other things they wanted to do with their actual once chance of life—like, I dunno, maybe surfing or clubbing (dancing, not seals)—instead of having to sit round being all Holier Than Thou handing out Pearls of Wisdom all the time.


A slightly more realistic sculpture from India (note a lotus held in the left hand of both images)

Sure, I appreciate one-hundred percent the need for Western help given the issues at home, but these days it’s as though he thinks the answer to everything lies in the Western addiction to positive action, not the neutrality/indifference prescribed by his kinda scripture.

At least, whoever runs his twitter account does.

Eastern philosophy rarely, if ever, accuses its Western counterpart of being a bad influence thanks to things like its fixation with bending everything to fit instead of accepting something for what it is.

It probably would a lot more if all that ‘affirmative action‘ nonsense was its kinda thing.

People who believe in
The Western kinda karma
Even boggle the calmer mind
When no true thought is given
Just desire for an inner agenda
So those who most thoroughly
Or say, Oi
You can’t do that!
Can be ridiculed as ***** and mean
Taunted with karma’s mystical threat
Not seen as its poetic recompense
A soon-to-be mindset
For those going through life
Thinking they can do whatever
Without regret

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N. P. Ryan.