To Do List or Not To Do List?

There’s something that really bugs me about To Do lists. Once it was only a mild irritation. Then one day in a meeting the person sitting next to me not only did it, but kept running their pen over the words again and again to the point I’m sure it would’ve been ad infinitum if the meeting hadn’t ended.

Now just the thought of it drives me insane with a pure rage and utter fury, that much like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon, has manifested as the beautiful verse below:

Why do people who make
To Do lists
Write To Do at the top
Do they think if misplaced
And lost
Only for many years later
To stumble upon
A piece of paper saying

Pay credit cards
Post birthday
Top-up phone
Collect dry cleaning
Lottery ticket
Tax the car
Bath the dog
Fix the cat
Call so-and-so back

It will have
No reason or rhyme
So leaving them confused
Head scratching
While wondering
What the fuck is that?

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan.


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