The day of walking by the lake with Thoughts on Epitaph my sunglasses also broke. It happened first, as did the idea for this; a poem about being kept in the dark.

A lens fell out my sunglasses
While walking in the park
Not a pretty sight
Half in light, other dark

Putting it back no laughing matter
Bleedin’ struggle more like
Led to a fight

Frame out of shape
Needs to get fit
Tight around the glass

No matter which way
Always loose
Somewhere slipping mount

Easy tiger
Too much pressure
And like two cards

Go on bare to sun?
If first impressions count for everything
Better to be epic than distraught

Get in! you . . .
Ruin‘er of views
Well . . . good enough to do

All that time spent
Tongue out no doubt
In full public view

Nothing like those places
Best called sweatshops
With less than seconds
To right the same plot

Know no more than pennies an hour
Or just a couple of mere cents
Shaded as they are
From and for our benefits


Header Image: Landscape on the Ile Saint-Martin 1881 French artist Claude Monet. In 1861, Monet was conscripted to seven years service in France’s African Light Calvary. His father was wealthy enough to pay his exemption, but refused as Claude wouldn’t give up art. The origin of the artistic style and name ‘Impressionism‘ are both directly attributed to Monet.

Thanks for reading.

N. P. Ryan.


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