N. P. Ryan vs. Youth

This is a poem about going for a walk that leads to reflection on youth’s cruel ebb, being devastated by it and then humbly coming to terms with the injustices of fate.


An almost Spring day
With a wander to the yonder
In the open and raw air
Summer in waiting
While winter persists
In pushing brisk
Returning fresh and flushed
To glance upon a mirror for such a rush
Only to find a new furrow there
Deeply canyon-ed on the brow
Oh, Youth. Dear Youth!
Do not escape me!
Take this as an oath
A promise to moisturise
Twice too
Thrice even if you think it’ll help
From this very moment forth
For the glory and vitality of dear beautiful Youth!
Though not the beer
You can’t have the beer
That’s mine
Can fuck right off
With all and any thoughts of taking that
Or the gin
Just fuck off beautiful Youth
Be gone
Craggy-faced juniper-upped old hopster
Here I come

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan.


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