Dark Face at the Door

Watching TV with my mum over Christmas there was a programme on featuring some of the oldest buildings known in Scotland. Discussing them was Scottish comedian and historical tour guide Bruce Fummey, who is black; relevant, as when discussing old New Year traditions, he said he’d have been a very welcome visitor due to being so thanks to the tradition that the first person over the threshold once the New Year commenced should be of dark hue.

My grandfather—mum’s dad—was also from Scotland; my mum said she remembered this tradition from her childhood, which was in London (she being born there), predominately growing up in Dudley House, Paddington, the family having been lucky enough to be offered one of the council flats built in 1938. Continue reading


photographe-evjf-greg-JQ-H52JsVLg-unsplashA collection of twelve short poems never more than thirty-six words long. From subjects such as friends, middle-age, still being cool despite the former, lies, food, family, cats, being rude, tradition and more!

With thanks to EVJF GREG for use of the image. Continue reading