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Indie artist or on/from a small/indie label looking for reviews of soon to be or just released music?

I might be able to help.

You’ll need a release/press pack (more info below*) and the music to be reviewed available (or soon to be) on accessible platforms like bandcamp/YouTube.

I won’t write reviews for music I don’t like. This is a reflection of my taste in music, not anybody else’s ability. If the music doesn’t motivate me, I can’t write about it. Instead, I’ll let the artist know, thank them for thinking of me as a potential reviewer and wish them luck finding someone more suited to their particular style/genre/idiom/parlance (unless see below**).

I’m not adverse to any type of music. I saw ABBA play Wembley, London in 1979 and was at Venom’s legendary Hammersmith Odeon (also London) gig in 1984; somewhere in the 90s I witnessed Debbie Harry arrive at a gig in a helicopter, to then ride onto stage on the back of a Hells Angels’ bike; while in the last few years have seen artists ranging from Tool, Clutch, Electric Six, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Grimes, Antibalas, Duran Duran, Kool and the Gang, and Peter and the Test Tube Babies in Toronto.

Joan Armatrading’s Love and Affection is one of my all time favourite songs, and Darkthrone one of my favourite bands (though not when a certain someone was involved).

Point being, to quote Billy Joel, ‘It’s just rock ‘n’ roll to me‘ (and I hope Covid 19 doesn’t suck all the life out of it).

I’m a qualified studio engineer, have operated as a promoter and once ran a music management project focused on educating young musicians about the industry.    

All that said, I can’t play an instrument for toffee (except for three blind mice a bit on the recorder). More about what really pushes my buttons musically can be found at the bottom of my About page.

I don’t follow any particular pattern when writing reviews; simply listen to the music and see where it takes me. Examples of previous reviews can be found here.

If a band/artist doesn’t like the end product I will remove it. However, I can’t stress enough that my writing a review alone will not be the milkshake bringing everyone to your yard (for more on bringing milkshake to your yard, see below*)

Unfortunately I can give no guarantees about how long the review will take, so please don’t ask. A fair estimate is between three and six weeks, so hit me up well in advance if you need it by a certain time.

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT include a release pack or link to one in the contact form below. I cannot stress this enough; the only link included in the contact form should be the one requested as example of net presence. When links/attachments are dropped into the Message section it gets automatically defaulted to SPAM meaning I won’t receive a notification of the application. Contact will be made via email for the release pack after the Contact Form has been received.

In case you’re wondering: no, when I reply there will not be mention of a fee or charge for the ‘service’. 

I look forward to hearing you.

* To find out about milkshake and what should be in a release pack click here.

** Don’t send anything potentially offensive without making me aware in the contact form first. I’m a big fan of goregrind but don’t appreciate much of the imagery, especially if I happen to be checking my email over breakfast. If the offensive is something racist, any kind of phobic or misogynistic, please don’t send anything at all. Ignoring this request may result in me writing something not very nice after all.

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