hert-niks-1x8-ig_tNCQ-unsplashThoughts in consideration of the unusual ways the feeling of being isolated can make itself felt. 

With thanks to Hert Niks for use of the header image.

A small dog yapping
To the beat of a rebel
Without a cause
A bin being wheeled
Making concrete growl
Like annoyed gravel
Some kid with a party blower
A sad pathetic wail
Sarcastic in measure
And still
The birds chirp and tweet
Happy that
The feeder’s refilled
No time to care
About the other clatter
If I open the window
To commend
Their feathered indifference
They quickly scatter  

If suffering from feeling lonely and/or having suicidal thoughts, help could be just a phone call away: Wikipedia has a page listing all known help/suicide crisis lines the World over; it can be found right here.  

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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