Knock-on Wood

pexels-lumn-167698Thoughts on loneliness.

With thanks to Lum3n for use of the header image.

When he walked in the wood
The trees knew he was there
Bark catching
The slight movement in air
Between its many hard and gnarled
Miniature canyons
Sap would feel the soft tread of his feet
A tiny murmur across the soft earthy floor
And be stirred to flow
Ever so slightly quicker
While the leaves
Used to the outward breath of numerous
Rabbits, foxes and badgers
Would catch what he exhaled
Consider it a special vintage
Curl just a touch for the thrill
The wood would feel his leaving
Know that he had gone
And take on the loneliness
He went there to forgo
Though only felt the more so
For walking all alone

If suffering from feeling lonely and/or having suicidal thoughts, help could be just a phone call away: Wikipedia has a page listing all known help/suicide crisis lines the World over; it can be found right here.

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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