What Can I Say?

sun2What can I say about people who care about the size of their butt; can I say what I mean on that or any occasion?

With thanks to D. D. Buck^ for use of the header image.

What can I say
That hasn’t been said before
What can I say
To make words hold
Their weight in gold
What can I say
To neither sound
Superficial or hollow
Instead unique
Without overstating
What I want to convey
No bombastic rhetoric 
Spoiling the . . .
You see
I’d like to say thank you
But instead of just do it
Make insinuations of gratitude instead
I say I’d like to say thank you
Like I’m under some sort of threat
Held back, gun to head
I’d like to say thank you
But given the circumstances
And of those circumstances
What can I say
I’m not being funny
In fact
La pièce de résistance
I’m sorry, but
Wilfully proceed
Despite alleging regret
The truth hurts
Like calories in a cake
I won’t lie
And why would I
Apart from social constructs
Does my butt look big in this
Be met with one in reply
An answer that in this current clime
Might be sought either way
And to respond incorrectly
Rubs salt in old wounds
So this happened
No one anymore knows
Which direction the answer goes
What it should be
To keep those with big butt questions
Feeling happy
I’m afraid
Though no idea of what
The ambiguous
Beast maybe
That would be my guess
I mean
Why would I say
Something I didn’t
Unless to be mean
That when declaring
I mean
I’m actually anything but
Meaning I’ve said
Something I don’t

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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