Fiction Friction

pexels-christiano-sinisterra-5197069Thoughts on friends’ poor choice of viewing (not that there’s an abundance of choice despite all the channels). With thanks to Christiano Sinisterra for use of the image.

I take fiction 
Too seriously 
Expect too much 
Rarely end up 
Watching TV 
While everyone else 
Sees no issue 
Can get on 
Reaching for tissues 
When favoured 
Yet badly dialogued 
Characters die 
Or get married 
They see right by 
All this neglect of narrative 
Suggest I chill out 
Lay back 
Get with it 
Cool beans 
Mange tout 
So I do 
Try to 
And fail 
But I can’t be blamed 
Faced with characters so frail 
Friends worshiping 
What the Bible says not to 
While I want to crucify 
Hang hams high
From the terrible plot lines 

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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