dominique-knobben-jco_lgyKP10-unsplashA true story in poetic form. With thanks to Dominique Knobben for making the header image available for use.

I saw it first
When going to turn
The light off
On the side of the shade
It sat
I didn’t think much
Of it then
Tired and worn
At the end of the day
Had forgotten
Fully by morning
But it appeared
Came staggering out
From behind the lamp
And sat on the edge
Of the bedside table
While I ate breakfast
I’d spent the night
With the ladybird
It had slept next to me
I next to it
Now it stretched
Spread its wings
Before taking off
Unsure of surroundings
It bumped the ceiling
On the way to the window
Where it was stopped by the nets
I got up
Walked over and pulled them aside
So if it tried again
The route would be open
But it didn’t move
The night of unfamiliar surrounds
Had taken it out
I was refreshed
It was worn down
I let it rest
Then placed a piece of card
Like a gangplank back to the wild
The ladybird walked on
Wings whirling while boarding
And I was able
To set it free again

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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