Come Again

pexels-melanie-wupperman-662994Poetry without comment beyond thanks to Melanie Wupperman for use of the header imager (original colour can be viewed in link). 

Upon the brow
Of a sand dune
Staring out to sea
And seeing seagulls there
Cliff vultures on the wing
Feathered Vikings taking to row
Against grey moody sky
Pouting clouds
Water falling sultry
On brave grass
In what tufts remain
Bent back by wind
Yet chests pushed out
All the same
Green still just
But quickly yellowing
On stormy shores
Lightning threatening
Salty fresh air
Whipped by wind
Whispers sage advice
On quitting when ahead
I shouldn’t have come here
But probably will again

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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