That was indeed I

sincerely-media-8rl17QHqbGk-unsplashPoetry without comment beyond thanks to Sincerely Media for use of the header image.

There are some words
I beyond don’t like
Hate them
Their usage causing
Me to stop
Mentally berate the writer
That was indeed I
Are the four perpetrators

That just bugs me
Full stop
But if used more than
Once in a sentence
Then I’m raging
Ready to pop

Was always feels
So untidy as a word
Seeing it more than once
Between full stops and periods
Really quite absurd

Indeed, the fact a sentence
Starts with it
Somehow gives credence
To whatever went before
Regardless of what or how
Really it’s a word revealing
The writer is indeed thinking
They know it all and more

I, for what it’s worth
Is another that gets worse
When written over and again
Before a sentence has its end
I this, I that, I, I, I
Oh, my, my, my
Like the word it starts above
It also says a lot
About a writer’s mind

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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