Potentially the unhappiest happy ending ever

He’d had enough
More than enough
He looked at the bookshelf
At the spines of the same books
That always stared back at him
Books he’d read
And wanted to again
A million times over
Except right there and then
Didn’t care the slightest iota
So reached for the gun
Shot himself in the head
Gave flight to a bullet
Shredding brain as it went
Charging on out
The other side of his skull
To hurtle across the room
Into a wall
And you know how things
Are made nowadays
It went tearing straight through
All of that too
On across the neighbour’s
Who watching TV
Heard a loud bang
Saw a blurred flash
Before the lose round
Went and did clash
With their loyal old hound
Doggone dog gone
Dead on the ground
Though don’t overly fret
About the shot pet
For the dog called Doggone
Was very soon due a
One way trip to the vet

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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My thanks to Suzy Hazelwood for the use of the image x