I want to lick your face

There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time, but just haven’t found the right words or way.

Today that changes.

I want to lick your face
I’ve said it now
Well, written it
Which is still out loud
And I feel so much better
For it
Though . . .
It’s not lost
That it might be a one way street
So let me put it straight
With what I mean by
I want to lick your face
Lest you think
I’m just some gross slobberer
For a start
I want to use my tongue
And would like to think
That went without saying
But who can know for sure
What with the way
Everything is now
After all, here you are
Reading poetry about how
I want to lick your face
And I bet you didn’t think
You’d be doing that this morning
Anyway, I’m starting to digress
From the point at hand here
Or on tip of tongue if you’d prefer
Which might not come as a surprise
To know I do given
I want to lick your face
The thing I was trying to describe
In the first place
About how my tongue would not
Change course
As I just did in this discourse
But would traverse precisely instead
Not too wet or dry
Medium-moist being best
From the point of your chin
Up across your mouth
Which hopefully, from my perspective
At least, will be closed otherwise gross!
Fully delving into the area between lips and nose
Technically know as the philtrum
Latin for love charm no less
Not because the bloke who first
Discovered it
Was called Mr Phillip Trum
But let not another tangent
Stand in the way of where
I go from there
Enveloping the nose itself
That’s the best bit
Then crossing its sweeping bridge
Before sliding sprightly between the eyebrows
And coming to a full stop in the middle of
Your forehead
At which point I will say
(after putting my tongue back
In my mouth of course)
Thank you for
I really wanted to lick your face
So see, the whole thing really
Will be quite nice
Not to mention over and done with
By that point in the equation
So I really hope this description
Will point you in the direction
Of saying yes of course
You can lick my face
Nothing would give me greater pleasure
Than to feel your tongue run
With leisure
Then we can get the ball rolling
Or perhaps more apt
The tongue sliding
On this saliva of an adventure
Start making arrangements
Fixing times and naming places
Conducive to my licking faces
And btw
If you like
You may lick mine back
Can even lick my back
If you really want to

Now, as gross as the above may be, for I am a complete stranger to the majority of readers, and even then there is every possibility the idea is considerably worse for those with whom I am acquainted, the fact of the matter is it would hardly do my cause any good to go sticking my tongue in untoward places before licking your face, for clearly in such pre-face licking behaviour I would be coming off far the worse; no one needs a doctor or expert opinion to know that.

In this respect it is quite logically a reasonable expectation that I could actually be fully relied upon not to do anything of the sort, for there is no suggestion in anything thus far said that would indicate a habit for sticking my tongue in or on any unsavoury places whatsoever; and if that is the conclusion already arrived at, then it is an awkward platform alighted upon, for the idea can only be drawn from a shabby opinion of one’s own face, for that is the only thing there is any evidence of me wishing to place my tongue on beyond anything that might be considered perfectly reasonable tongue behaviour; and if one’s face does indeed warrant such concern, well, I can hardly be held accountable for that!

Instead of recoil at the thought, one might wish to consider the paradox of how if any of the below fancied its chances of some tongue-face, its attempts would no doubt be welcomed joyously despite their frequent habit of not only licking their own arses, but also those of any other animal they can find. Call it ‘kisses’ in a silly voice all you like, but who’s really the gross one here?

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Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan

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