To some degree everything is the result of anxiety; perfection isn’t so much sought, but fraught after:

Everyone so focused on perfect
When all it can ever be
Is a state of mind
A place far
From reality


By God
By association
Bye-bye blemish

Bo Derek
Ten in sea
Captured on camera
For all posterity

Constant good never bad
Thrown away when looking through
No middle ground to be had
Between pristine and Timbuktu

Teeth an ideal shade of white
A model dog to pet
Idyllic clothes neat and matching
Perfectly soft furnishings
With just the right lighting set
Perfection in ambient TV watching
Where talk’s about perfecting more
It’s been said a million times already
So what a perfect rude word bore


Header image: It only looks like this when there’s someone there to see it, N. P. Ryan, circa 2015 (Lake Ontario, Canada)

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Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan.


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