Dieting 17th Century Style

Thinking of going on a diet but not sure whether you can face the commitment/lack of overindulgence?  Perhaps considering things from a 17th Century perspective might help make up thy mind?

One hath ingested ample
Quaffed to merry lush
Tummy all muffin topped
Breaching breeches as beaches
Pushing higher attire up
Ugh but a diet
Forsakes any right to
Partake of anything good
Ghastly thoughts so furrow
A smoothest of b’rows
The quagmire demands quench
Tubby or not tubby
That is the question


Hamlet, Act IV, Scene V (Ophelia Before The King And Queen), Benjamin West, 1792


A New Year’s message from its Wooliness the Diet Llama

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan.


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